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Hello to my Westchester, Hudson Valley and NYC photography lovers! I’m a natural light portrait photographer in New York creating timeless imagery that authentically represent your loves and life. Today, I want to dispel a myth that summer is the only season for great family photos. Each season has its unique charm and advantages. So let’s take a quick cycle through the seasons and talk about the beauty each season can bring to your professional photos. This applies to family photos, newborn photos, engagement photos, elopement photos, branding photos – ok, all the photos.

NYC Family Photographer
NYC Family Photographer

Fall professional photos: Colors, comfortable temperatures & Dreamy Light

Let’s start with the fall, a favorite of mine for its stunning light and breathtaking foliage (check out this post for why I loooooovveee fall for photos). The russet, gold, and amber leaves form a gorgeous backdrop that no studio can rival (also ewwwwww studio – I can say it because I did it). This, combined with the soft, golden-hour light filtering through the trees, provides an unparalleled setting for capturing timeless photos. Add to this the charm of autumn attire – chunky knits, cozy scarves, and cute boots, and we’ll create portraits that warm, vibrant, and beautifully natural.

Westchester Newborn Photographer
Westchester Newborn Photographer

Winter professional photos: Cozy Vibes

Although winter might not be the first season you think of for family photos, there’s so much potential in this chilly time of year. Picture this: you and your loved ones, cozy in your living room, bundled up in your favorite winter wear, faces aglow with the warmth of your home. Or, if we’re lucky enough to have a blanket of snow outside, we can create a winter wonderland shoot that’s nothing short of magical. Winter sessions are an opportunity to create intimate, authentic portraits that reflect your family’s unique bond in your cozy space. If you’re expecting a winter baby, the time of year doesn’t matter at all for newborn sessions as we are almost always at home for those shoots. (PS my kid and hubs below. Not too shabby right?)

Spring photos: all the blooms!

Spring in New York is a magnificent sight, with cherry blossoms, magnolias, and a myriad of other blooms adorning our state. It’s so magical to emerge from the introverted time of winter into this exuberant returning of the light. This season presents the perfect chance for a fresh, lively, and colorful family portrait. Can you imagine your family framed by the delicate blossoms of a cherry tree or surrounded by the lush, new growth of spring? It’s a magical time of year that captures the sense of renewal and growth that mirrors the evolving dynamic of your family (ohhhh deep). If nothing else, catching the blossoms makes for some really unique photos. Click here for more about spring photo portrait sessions.

New york engagement photographer
New york engagement photographer

Summer photos: Sunshine, sundresses and Longer Days

Summer is traditionally considered the prime season for family photos and is without a doubt my busiest time of year. There’s no denying the allure of warm weather, radiant sunshine, and the abundance of outdoor possibilities. That being said….the summer can be hot and humid, which can lead to frizzy hair and sweaty brows. The bright light of summer also means we have to schedule shoots early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid harsh shadows.

Often people want to do family photos while on vacation in the Hamptons. They ultimately decide to do their family photos at home in NYC or Westchester during another season so they can just enjoy their summer vacation out east without worrying about photos. Even though photos are of course SO FUN, it’s a whole logistical thing that you might not want to deal with when you’re trying to just zen out on the beach for a week.

NYC Family Photographer
NYC Family Photographer

All the seasons are beautiful for professional photos!

And theeerrrre you have it – a season-by-season breakdown showcasing the unique benefits of each for your family photoshoot. Of course, the best time to capture your family’s story is now. Just do it. Each season brings its own magic, color palette, and unique opportunity to capture the beauty of your family. There is no “right” or “wrong” time for your professional family photos (or professional photos of any kind). As a New York natural light portrait photographer with over a decade of experience behind the lens, I’m ready to create timeless images with you, regardless of the season. Let’s step outside the typical summer frame and embrace the magic of the off-season.

Click here for more about family photos with Laura Simon Photography!

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