Why fall is magical for Westchester family photos!

Hey there, Westchester peeps! Every year, when the first tinge of red appears on the maple trees and those cool fall breezes signal we can maybe start wearing sweaters again, I can hardly contain my excitement. I know we aren’t quite there yet the day after Labor Day, but the height of fall is just around the corner and now is the time to book your Westchester family photography session! Although I love family photography in all seasons, fall is, hands down, the most magical time for outdoor family photos in Westchester. Between you, me, and the soon-to-be pumpkin spice lattes, here are some reasons why I think autumn is the perfect time for your family photos.

Westchester family photography

Now, let’s talk Westchester in the fall. It’s like Mother Nature herself turned artist and used this county as her canvas. From the Hudson River to the Sleepy Hollow lighthouse, we’ve got backdrops just begging to be photographed. And let’s not forget the everyday beauty of our backyards, which is one of my all-time favorite spots for family photos. Your backyard is a perfect kid-friendly location for family photos year round, but fall is really special.

So why fall? Well…leaves in hues of scarlet, amber, and gold, crisp air tinged with that delicious scent of crunchy leaves, and the soft golden light of the low hanging autumn sun. I meannnnn….talk about framers. The lighting is softer, the shadows longer, and the colors, well, they’re in a league of their own.

Then there’s the wardrobe! Layers are not just about keeping warm—they’re your best accessory for a fall photoshoot. The chunky-knit sweaters, the scarves you’ve had since college, the pair of boots that have traversed through every pumpkin patch in Westchester – they all come together to add texture and warmth to your photos. We can play around with thin knits, flannel shirts, and woolen caps to get that ‘autumn cozy’ look just right, dressing each family member as an individual so there’s no matchy matchy sweater situation happening.

Now, if you’re googling “Westchester Family Photographer” hoping to find someone who’ll capture the authentic, magical moments of your family against the stunning fall backdrop to create timeless family photos you’ll love forevs – I’m your girl!

My intention as a Westchester family photographer is to create timeless, beautiful family photos you will treasure as family heirlooms. But it’s a lot more than that. I’m aiming to capture the unique spirit & story of your family through family photography. I want to honor the love you pour into your people. I want to follow you and your family as you grow and change over the years, witnessing every new addition, growth spurt and attitude adjustment (that last one can be a little scary but I’m here for it).

This is what I’m after:
Connection, joy, gratitude, affirmation and belonging.

best Westchester photographer

So, if the thought of a relaxed, fun-filled family photoshoot in your Westchester backyard, with the sun dipping below a canopy of fall colors, gets you as excited as it gets me, let’s chat! Dust off those well-loved boots, pull out your favorite scarves, and let’s make some autumn magic together. Fall in Westchester is too enchanting to not be photographed. And honestly, who can resist the charm of a good ol’ fashioned leaf fight caught on camera? I sure can’t!

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