These are my people. As a (retired) professional dancer, Pilates instructor (on extended sabbatical), and firm believer in the power of movement to heal, I LOVE shooting movers. Yes, you can jump, run, or dance and still have crisp clean photos.

Movement shoots are done on location either outdoors, in rented studio space, or wherever else makes sense for you and your work.


Your shoot will be... 

As in all of my work, I strive to create a down-to-earth, stress-free environmment when shooting dancers and athletes. The process will be collaborative and I'll give you constant feedback, putting on my Pilates instructor/ballerina hat to make sure you're hitting the most beautiful lines possible for the camera. I've danced on both sides of the lens, so I know a thing or two about what will work in photographs. That being said, I'll allow you to move freely in a way that feels most true to you, and give you direction and tweaks along the way when needed. You'll look great, and I'll likely be a (hot?) mess by the end. I once accidentally lied down in goose poop to capture a grand jeté. Worth it!


What about hair and makeup?
↳My hair/makeup artist is the best. Read all about her on the services page here. For movement shoots, professional makeup is up to you - it depends on the types of final images you want. We'll iron that all out when we chat!

What do I wear?
↳Don't worry, when you book I'll send you an email with all kinds of directions and guidance, and I'll be your personal stylist when you arrive with 1/2 (or all) of your closet. For the most part, you can wear whatever makes you feel great.

Are you going to boss me around and tell me how to move?
↳Only if you want me to, but usually, not at all. However, I will help you figure out ways to move that will produce beautiful photographs and give you clear direction and guidance for making tweaks to get your best shots (straighten that knee! Fix the sickled foot! Ya know...)

I didn't have time to get a haircut, can you just photoshop that? And how about color? 
↳I wish I could say this was a crazy question that has never been asked - alas. Please make yourself look as close as you would like to look in your final images as possible - hint hint, this is where my awesome makeup artist kicks butt!

Wait! I have another question!
↳Shoot me an email!

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-Bella Takkunen

"Laura has been taking my headshots and dance pictures for many years now and she is very professional, great to work with, makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and the pictures always come out amazing!"

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