Family photos at home indoors

SooOo as you may have noticed, as a New York photographer I love creating photos in all types of environments with my diverse array of unique clients who are passionate about having timeless photos to cherish over the years. And while I love a sensible Hamptons beach, Hudson Valley mountain, Westchester backyard and NYC park, there’s something uniquely special about taking family photos right in the comfort of your own home. Indoor family photos can be the most beautiful and meaningful of all, as much as I freaking LOVE playing outside.

Westchester indoor family photos

Here in New York, we often think the cooler months aren’t the time for family photos or photos of any kind for that matter. Creating cozy indoor family photos – not every year, but some years – is such a beautiful way to honor the place that holds your family. This is where we can really capture some really real moments. Let’s jump on the bed, read some books, snuggle on the couch or make cookies.

Westchester Newborn Photography

For newborn photo shoots, home is without a doubt the best place for newborn photos. Babies (and parents, I think!) are most comfortable in their own environment and what better place to capture the start of this amazing journey than in the nursery you so lovingly prepared. I also love maternity sessions at home – it takes the pressure off, keeps you in a comfy place where you can lie down, have some snacks and pee 12 times an hour, and include any older siblings (including fur siblings) with minimal stress.

best westchester family photographer
Westchester Family Photographer

Home truly brings out the most genuine smiles and the deepest connections, making your family photos more than just pretty pictures, but authentic portrayals of your unique family life. Let’s embrace the magic of home together with a family photo shoot at home, a newborn photo shoot at home or a maternity photo shoot at home.

Preparing for your photo shoot at home

If you’re thinking about having your photo session at your New York home, then you’re in for a treat! There’s nothing more personal and intimate than taking photos in your own home. You can showcase your unique style, home decor, and special spots in your house that mean something to your family.

To prepare for a photo session at home, you’ll want to make sure your house is clean and decluttered. You don’t need to go crazy and deep clean every inch of your home, but make sure that your space looks tidy and presentable.

Westchester indoor family photos
Westchester family photos at home

When it comes to what to wear for a photo session at home, consider your style and the vibe of your home. If you have a more relaxed and casual style, then wear something comfortable and casual that represents you. On the other hand, if you have a more upscale and elegant home, consider dressing up a bit more.

At home photography sessions are especially great for kids (and easy for you). They will be in their comfortable space and have easy access to snacks and the bathroom!

Let’s get those photos off of the screen and onto the wall!

After your session, you’ll want to display your beautiful new artwork at home. As a high end lifestyle natural light family photographer in Westchester, NYC, the Hudson Valley & the Hamptons, I offer a variety of options for displaying your photos. From albums to canvases to framed prints, I have something for everyone.

To prepare for new artwork at home, consider where you want to display your photos. Think about the space and the style of your home. If you have a more modern home, you might want to choose a sleek and simple frame. If you have a more traditional home, you might want to choose a more ornate frame.

Preparing for a family photo session with a lifestyle portrait photographer in Westchester, NY can be an exciting and fun – but maybe overwhelming – experience. Whether you choose to have your session at home or an outdoor location, make sure to communicate with your photographer and plan ahead. Consider what to wear, how to prepare the kids, and how to display your new artwork at home. The effort will be worth it!

Family photo wall gallery
Family photo wall gallery

Let’s take some at home family photos, at home newborn photos or at home maternity photos (or alllll of them) for beautiful indoor photography in the most important place!

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