The best time for family photography on the beach

Hey photography & beach lovers!

Ohhh beach, you dreamy family photography backdrop. As a Fairfield County photographer and native, I love photographing on the northern shores of Long Island. And as a summer Hamptons family photographer, I have a ridiculous amount of experience taking photos on the beach. Click here for my favorite spots for photos in the Hamptons.

From family photos to engagement photos to elopement photos – the beach never fails to deliver timeless images you’ll love forever! For this post, I’m going to focus on why I love the beach for family photos specifically.

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Montauk Family Photos

Golden Hour Family Photography Magic

I know, this is so :basic: for a photographer to say, but there’s a reason why photographers are always blabbing about golden hour. As the sun starts to call it a day, it paints the world in warm, golden hues with soft light and long shadows, lending an ethereal charm to your family portraits that’s as timeless as the ocean itself. And if it’s overcast on the evening of our family photo shoot – that’s also magical. I’m serious! Overcast means gorgeous diffused light that will make your skin look AMAZING. The neutral palette will make colors pop (click here for what to wear for your beach session – on overcast days I really love a little more color rather than the neutral palette). Golden hour fluctuates depending on the time of year – in the cooler months it will be much earlier in the day, while in the height of summer it’s going to definitely be an after dinner situation.

East Hampton Family Photos

Cool & Calm

Especially if we are doing your family photos in the summer, the beach can be totally nuts all the way until dinner time. As sunset approaches, the day-time crowd disperses, the heat lifts, and the light gets less squinty. We will likely have the beach all to ourselves, and if we don’t, don’t worry, you’ve got a pro photoshopper here!

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Hamptons Family Photographer

Sunset Hues or Soft Blues

On a sunny day, just as the sun dips below the horizon we will get some pinks and oranges in the sky. On an overcast day, we will get a soft, dreamy blue blanketing the beach. Major calming vibes. And if we are lucky enough to get a part cloudy day, we’ll get some of both!

Fairfield county family photographer

The REAL best time for family photos is when the kids are happiest

While the evening might be the prime time for photographically stunning beach photos, there’s something way more crucial. Those. Kids. Often, a session an hour or two before sunset is just not a good time for littles. If that’s the case – forget literally everything I just wrote about! I recommend photographing before 10am if your kids are early birds or after 4pm if the afternoon is better. Avoiding the middle of the day means more flattering light, cooler temperatures and less squinty smiles.

Ok – but the real REAL perfect time for family photography is…NOW!

Well, maybe not now, because I book up at least several weeks in advance. But NOW is the time to reach out to schedule and plan your beach family photography session. I’ll guide you through the entire process from what to wear to where to shoot to what to hang on the walls.

Fairfield County photography and Hamptons photography on the array of beaches is so special. We have so many choices, and the beach is beautiful and photogenic all year long (snowy beach photos anyone? omg!) The beach, the golden light, the tranquility, the breathtaking colors – all these elements play their part in creating stunning family portraits. But remember, the real magic happens when the little ones are happiest.

Click here to learn more about family photos with me, then head on over to the contact form to get in touch and plan your family photos!

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