13 of the Best Places for Photos in the Hamptons

It’s that time of year again! School is almost out & you’re starting to plan for your annual family photo session out east. Or maybe you’re planning to propose this summer, honor an anniversary, or tie the knot at an intimate wedding or elopement. I’ve got all of your photography needs covered!

As a Hamptons family photographer, Hamptons newborn photographer, Hamptons elopement photographer, Hamptons engagement photographer & Hamptons proposal photographer (whew) I’ve photographed all over the east end. The Hamptons is full of beautiful locations – these are some of my favorites. This is nowhere near an exhaustive list! I photograph all over the East End and can help you decide on the best location for your photos. 

From beachside beauty to historical charm, this place is uniquely beautiful and begging to be photographed. All of these places are fantastic choices for family photos, engagement photos, elopement photos, anniversary photos and proposal photos. Honestly, they are amazing for pretty much any kind of photography situation. In no particular order – Here we go!


Sagg Main Beach (Sagaponack)

couple dance in the tall grasses at Sagg Main Beach in the Hamptons
Hamptons Engagement Photography

This is one of the beaches I personally frequent the most as a seasonal Sag Harborian (is that a thing?) Sagg Main Beach is simply irresistible. With its pristine white sands and crashing waves, it provides an idyllic backdrop for photos with a variety of options. There are the long grasses of Sagaponack Pond, the grassy, shady dunes, and of course the shoreline. A great spot for family photography & engagement photography.

Family of 5 sit in the shade of the beach grasses at Sagg Main Beach in the Hamptons
Sag Harbor Family Photos

The Beebe Windmill (Bridgehampton)

Family of 4 play by the Beebe Windmill in Bridgehampton, the parents lifting two little girls in dresses into the air while holding hands

Venturing into the historical realm of the Hamptons, the Beebe Windmill in Bridgehampton stands tall as a symbol of the area’s rich heritage. This charming landmark with its rustic appeal adds a unique touch to any photo session. Photographing against the backdrop of this iconic windmill creates truly magical and unique photos. For those of you who aren’t super into the beach or have taken tons of family photos there, this is a great change of pace. Also – trees = shade = softer light and more comfort for you! A perfect spot for unique Hamptons family photos – I have a proposal photo shoot scheduled here this summer!


Ditch Plains Beach (Montauk)

Parents lift seven year old son into the air while walking along Ditch Plains beach in Montauk with the ocean bluffs and setting sun in the background

Duuuuude. Known for its fantastic surfing conditions, this beach exudes a vibrant energy that translates beautifully into photographs. The combination of crashing waves, grassy dunes and gigantic ocean dunes (cliffs!) makes for otherworldly photos. This is a truly unique spot. And – the kids love checking out the surfers who flock to this beach in the early evening hours. Such a fun spot for family photos – I also love Montauk for elopements and proposals


Camp Hero State Park (Montauk)

man proposes to girlfriend with the Montauk Lighthouse in the background
Hamptons Proposal Photographer

Another Montauk beauty. Prepare to be enchanted as we explore the mesmerizing Camp Hero State Park. This coastal treasure offers a wide range of breathtaking settings. We’ve got giant ocean bluffs that look like they belong on Mars, rocky beaches, shaded woods & of course the iconic Montauk Lighthouse in the background. It can get crowded here, so it’s important to be strategic with our timing. It has to be a weekday for sure and I recommend early morning (ugh, I know, but usually the kids are up anyways, right?) or after dinner time, a bit before sunset. Talk about an amazing spot for proposal photos!

Engaged couple stand on a huge ocean cliff with the sunset, ocean and moon in the backround in Montauk, NY
Montauk Photographer

Long Beach (Sag Harbor/Noyack)

Children walk through the grasses on Long Beach in Sag Harbor, NY and little boy looks back towards the camera
Sag Harbor Family Photos

Long Beach in Noyack is another of my personally most frequented beaches – it’s a perfect spot for my baby son. There are gentle waves here, which is great for littles to wade in the water for adorable shots that they have a ton of fun creating. The beach is dotted with soft colored pebbles and a belt of greenery tucks the beach away from Noyack Road. There are long grasses and beachy flora and fauna begging to be frolicked in! A perfect family photo session location and we can even swing a shady newborn photography session here, see below!


Maidstone Beach (Springs, East Hampton)

Newly engaged couple walk arm in arm along the shoreline at Maidstone Beach in Springs East Hampton
Hamptons Proposal Photography

Nestled along the sparkling waters of Gardiner’s Bay, Maidstone Beach offers a picture-perfect blend of natural beauty and rustic charm. Another bay beach, we have softer waves and gentler winds. The combination of beachside greenery, sweeping views and background cliffy dunes makes for beautiful, timeless photos. A beautiful spot for family photos & proposal photos!


Havens Beach (Sag Harbor)

Family of 4 on Haven's Beach in Sag Harbor with a sailboat passing in the background. Dad lifts baby into the air, little girl stands looking at the camera and mom holds little girl's hand while looking up at baby.,
Sag Harbor Family Photos

I’m on a bay beach spree here. Located in the heart of Sag Harbor, Havens Beach is a picturesque harbor with sailboats dotting the horizon. Kids love this spot for the gentle waters edge to wade in and tall grasses to play in, plus the retainer wall & lifeguard chair that of course they just *must* jump off of (seriously, every time) . There’s a large wooded section to get a totally different look – like two locations in one! As a smaller and more contained space with minimal crowds during off hours, this is a perfect spot for young families. Another perfect Hamptons family photo shoot spot.

Family of four all wearing purple run towards the camera at Havens beach in Sag Harbor, NY
Sag Harbor Family Photos

Wolffer Wine Stand (Sagaponack)

Family of four sit in the grass at Wolffer Wine Stand in Sagaponack, NY
Hamptons Family Photography

I mean – I feel like wine definitely helps the resistant family photo subjects & talk about a perfect proposal spot. The non-alcoholic signature Petit Rose is a beloved Wolffer exclusive that kiddos & adults who don’t consume alcohol can enjoy. Also – snacks!!! The lush vineyards, rows of grapevines, and rustic ambiance create a unique and refined backdrop that beautifully captures the essence of the Hamptons. This is a great option for non-beachers or for those of you who want a change of scenery. It’s also a super casual spot full of kiddos frolicking about, so we have just as much freedom as we have on the beach! There’s nothing like the shade of those iconic Wolffer vines. Such a unique spot for iconic Hamptons family photography!


Egypt Beach

Parents lift up toddler son tickling him in the grassy dunes at Egypt Beach in East Hampton while golden retriever looks ourt to the beach
East Hampton Family Photos

This one is a hidden gem. On the eastern shores of the Hamptons, Egypt Beach offers a serene and picturesque setting for your photo session. Past the farm fences and expansive golf course on Dunmere Lane (this is also a GORGEOUS spot to photograph), Egypt Beach is right beside the iconic Maidstone Club. The tranquil atmosphere, gentle waves, and soft sand create a peaceful backdrop. Stunning dunes with expansive views of unspoiled grasses & shoreline make for drop dead gorgeous photographs you will want all over your house. My favorite time to photograph here is about an hour before sunset. The sun dips below the dunes giving us diffused light (meaning: not super bright and squinty, but soft and gentle) and the sky over the ocean takes on a gentle pink hue. Whether it’s capturing playful moments by the water’s edge or embracing the breathtaking views, this hidden gem offers a sense of tranquility that will shine through in your photographs. Beautiful option for family photos and elopement photos – see below, what a perfect place to tie the knot!

Newlywed couple kiss leaning against a fence in East Hampton, NY
Hamptons Elopement Photos

Dune Beach (Southampton)

Oh, Dune beach. You western beauty with so many options, tucked between the bay and the sea. First we have the northern view of Shinnecock Bay right along the road. A boardwalk leads to the oceanfront beach, winding through a beachside forest with those signature Hamptons pine trees (ugh, I freaking love those trees). Then of course there is the beautiful beach itself. This is a great way to get a variety of different looks as we move through a natural flow of the area. All of the beaches on Meadow Lane are pretty much drop dead gorgeous, but this one is my favorite. Summer in the Hamptons is a special time to do high school senior photos – celebrate your soon-to-be grad!


Navy Beach (Montauk)

Couple celebrates their anniversary holding hands looking at each other on the dock at Navy Beach in Mountauk with the purple blue post-sunset sky in the background
Anniversary Photo Shoot

Navy Beach holds a special place among the stunning locations in the Hamptons. Located on the shores of Fort Pond Bay, this beach offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and unique features. The panoramic views of the bay, the picturesque boats bobbing in the water, and the signature dock frequented for fishing (and jumping, of course) create a dreamy backdrop for your photos. There’s also a gigantic field we can run in (I mean, I love running in a field).  Navy Beach is a more tucked away spot that photographs beautifully just a bit before sunset. I love this spot for family photos. The above shot is from a special anniversary photo session – such a beautiful way to honor an anniversary!


Towd Point Beach (North Sea/Southampton)

Family of four walk along Towd Point Beach in Southhampton with parents lifting toddler son into the air and Mom holding baby son
Southampton Family Photos

On the northern shore of North Sea (Southampton), Towd Point Beach exudes a sense of hidden serenity. This secluded gem, with its tranquil shoreline and pristine dunes, offers a peaceful retreat for your photo session. There’s a beautiful grove of beachy trees and shrubs that makes for such a beautiful “second” location. There’s a giant dune in the background. As another bay beach, the water is gentle and perfect for dipping in toes without stress. GEM! Another perfect spot for your Hamptons family photo session!


Your Place!

Family of four play in their East Hampton backyard on the swingset with little girl swinging towards the camera with a huge smile
Family Photos at Home

Sometimes, the most meaningful and cherished photographs are created right at home. Your Hamptons home & backyard holds the stories and memories that are uniquely yours. Capturing your family in this familiar and comfortable setting adds a personal touch to your photographs. From fun moments on the swingset to intimate backyard weddings, these images will hold a special place in your heart for years to come. Being at home also makes things SO much easier if there are kiddos. They can easily go inside for snacks or a break as I photograph different groupings of the family, and the potty is right there! To be honest, I think home is my favorite place of all for family photo sessions with really little kiddos.

And so….

The Hamptons, with its diverse range of stunning locations, offers endless possibilities for capturing your precious moments. These are just some examples – the location options for photographs on the east end are abundant. 

From the sandy shores of Sagg Main to the Montauk cliffs to the gentle bays & comfort of your own home, we will create beautiful, timeless photographs that will become heirlooms. I’ll help you decide on the perfect photo shoot location for you & yours, the perfect outfits for the setting, and be sure to work out all the details of parking (omg, Hamptons parking…UGHHHHH). 

Let’s explore the east end & create art with your everyday magic.

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