4 easy tips for your outdoor spring family photo shoot!

Toddler boy helps baby brother stand up in field of yellow spring flowers in NYC
NYC Family Photos

Westchester, NYC & Hudson Valley Family Photos

Daffodils, cherry blossoms and magnolias, oh my! There’s nothing like the blossoming of spring after winter in New York. I photograph spring sessions in NYC, Westchester, The Hudson Valley and Fairfield County. Spring is a really special opportunity to get unique family photos, newborn photos and engagement photos.

There is only a short window of opportunity for outdoor spring photos with full spring flowers blooming. Preparing for a spring photo session is a unique undertaking. The effort we all put in will reap alllll the rewards with gorgeous spring flowers spilling into the frame. Kids love a flower frolic and petal toss (and by kids I mean definitely me too). These will be treasured photos you’ll want all over your home and filling an album to pass down for generations.

Tips to prepare for your spring photography session:

  1. You’ll need to book your spring family photo shoot ahead of time. It’s best to book your family photo session late winter. If you are on my newsletter list, you will get an email at the precise time you need to book your spring family photos. Not on the list? Subscribe below to stay up to date and get reminders for when to book your photography sessions. That way, you don’t need to do any kind of remembering. I send out – at most, let’s be real – one newsletter per season. The newsletter is a reminder to book your photo session for the upcoming months. The newsletter also includes special photography tips for the season. I only book a few spring family photography sessions to be absolutely certain I can time our family photo session with the blooms. The blooming time period varies year to year and can be unpredictable, which brings me to….
  2. We will need to be flexible! Spring is a unique time because the blooms are so fleeting and ideal photo session timing varies depending on the weather. Outdoor family portrait photography sessions are already complicated with the weather variable and adding in a flower variable makes it trickier
  3. Make sure you bring layers! Spring temperatures can be all over the place and a passing cloud can turn the temp from *almost summer* to wait is winter back!? Just in case it’s a bit chilly, bring some photo shoot ready layers so everyone is comfortable enough to play under the blooms during our outdoor family photography session!
  4. Follow the recommendations of your family photographer (hi!) for outfits, dates and timing for the most beautiful family photos we can make together!

Click here to learn more about family photos with Laura Simon Photography. See you in the flowers!

Some favorite spring family photos!

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