Hudson Valley Photography Locations

Oh Hudson Valley, my beloved home! I live in the charming, artsy, tight knit riverside town of Beacon, and to say I am in love with this area is an understatement. As your local Hudson Valley photographer, I’ve had the privilege of photographing beautiful, authentic moments amidst the unparalleled splendor of our very own Hudson Valley. I offer branding photography, family photography, child photography, maternity photography, newborn photography, proposal photography, elopement photography and headshot photography in the Hudson Valley. This place has something to offer for every genre of photographs! Click here for why I love the Hudson Valley for branding photos!

Hudson Valley Family Photography

Some favorite locations for Hudson Valley photography:

Long Dock Park, Beacon

This little gem in Beacon is the stuff of photography dreams. With panoramic views of the Hudson River, meandering trails through flora and fauna, pebble filled riverside beaches and of course, the dock, Long Dock Park offers a blend of natural and man-made beauty that provides soooo many options for photos. And for a bit of history trivia: this place used to be a landfill. Yup! Way to go Scenic Hudson, you nailed it!

Cold Spring Landing, Cold Spring

Nestled on the banks of the Hudson River across from Storm King mountain, Cold Spring Landing has a sense of majesty that’s hard to match. Think dreamy river views, historic buildings right nearby, Stars Hollow gazebo, giant mountain and tiny riverside beaches (driftwood!!!). Fun fact: back in the 19th century, this place was buzzing with foundries producing massive ironworks. Another transformation from industry to nature. Today, it’s the perfect backdrop for your family photoshoot, blending the past’s echoes with the present’s peace.

Straatsburg State Historic Site, Straatsburg

If you want a hint of ‘Downton Abbey’ in your photos, Staatsburgh is your ticket to opulence. With a Beaux-Arts mansion and the Hudson River framing the vista, this location speaks volumes of history and grandeur. This 79-room mansion was the Gilded Age’s elegant social hub, and it retains its splendor to this day. Honestly though, I’m more into the woodsy areas bursting with wildflowers in the warmer seasons, the little lighthouse jutting into the river, and the expansive fields overlooking the Hudson.

Stonecrop Gardens, Cold Spring

Do you want a ‘secret garden’ vibe for your photoshoot? Please say yes because I just want to take photos here all day. Let’s head to Stonecrop Gardens, a magical flowery paradise with an eclectic mix of flora. Spread over 15 acres, these gardens used to be the home of Anne and Frank Cabot, famed garden enthusiasts. You and your family can lose yourselves in the lush greenery, blooming flowers, and tranquility that’s hard to put into words but easy to capture in photos.

Hudson Valley Town Streetscapes

Who says you need a designated park or garden for the perfect photoshoot? Hudson Valley’s towns boast some of the most picturesque streetscapes, complete with charming historic buildings, quaint storefronts, and vibrant local art. These streets tell tales of a rich past, giving your photoshoot a lively, authentic Hudson Valley feel. Plus very easy to stop for snacks along the way!

Your home!

Last but definitely not least, let’s not forget the magical potential of your own backyard and home. Familiar, comfortable, and imbued with personal history, home can often be the perfect photoshoot location (easy access to snacks and potty – major win).

Let’s photograph in the Hudson Valley!

The location is definitely an important part of any Hudson Valley photoshoot, but the most important part is, of course, you! Well, and your photographer (wink wink). If you’re looking to invest in timeless portraits that are a blend of stunning and totally down to earth, I’m the Hudson Valley photographer for you! Send me a note through my contact page and let’s plan your Hudson Valley photo shoot!

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