Choosing the best photographer for you

You need to vibe.

The best photographer for you is the person who you jive with, whose work you look at and think “oh, this is what I want, this makes me feel things.” Or maybe “this is totally the aesthetic of my brand.” Or “this person seems like they are ok with my kids being crazy.” Read their about page – even just skim it. Do they seem like the kind of person you want to talk to more? Maybe get coffee? Excellent signs that you may have found the right fit. Photography is deeply personal. Because of this, I can not stress enough how important the relationship between client & photographer is when creating the type of imagery I prefer – natural, real, totally authentic. This is not like choosing an accountant. The personal connection matters.

You get what you see – if you don’t like what you see, keep looking!

If you are considering a photographer and looking at their website thinking “well i want my photos to be a little bit more like this” – meaning, NOT the way they look on that person’s website – DO NOT HIRE THEM! You have different taste. You can not change the way a photog sees & creates. Find someone whose work you love, talk to them and feel them out, and go from there.

Therefore, if you are sending a photographer pinterest boards because you don’t see what you want on their site, it’s not the right fit. You should be pointing to things in their portfolio that you like, not a compilation of work from other photographers. This element of understanding that you will get what is represented on someone’s portfolio is KEY in deciding who to invest in.

If you are really unsure, or want reassurance, ask the photographer you are considering to show you a full gallery from a session. The photos you see on a photographers website are a curated collection. Ideally, the quality of work is consistent from session to session, and each session includes many beautiful photos. Yes, you want a photographer who has a beautiful portfolio. You do not want a photographer who doesn’t actually create work consistent with that beautiful portfolio. If you’re not sure, just ask! Seeing a full gallery is a great way to understand what you can expect.

Series of wedding photographs hanging in frames on a wall over a bed in a NYC apartment.
NYC Elopement Photographer

Sample full photo session galleries

So – click here to check out a full Laura Simon Photography Westchester newborn and maternity photo gallery.

Click here for a full Laura Simon Photography NYC branding photography gallery.

Click here for a Laura Simon Photography full Westchester backyard family photo gallery.

And here for a Laura Simon Photography full Fairfield County beach family photo gallery.

I have literally hundreds more and can show you all types of shoots (proposal shoots, engagement shoots, elopements, etc) in all types of settings (outside, inside, beach, forest, city, country) throughout the seasons. In the above full galleries, can you see how all images in the gallery are valuable? Sure, you will like some more than others. However, do you see how the portfolios on my website honestly represent the quality of my work? It’s not just one great shot here and there. That being said, you might not be into my style. Seeing a full gallery can confirm that. That is EXCELLENT. Hiring a photographer who is not the right fit sucks for everyone involved. Trust your feelings!

How much to pay for professional photos

In conclusion, when you find that perfect person, you may or may not be surprised at what they charge. This is always a super fun topic for solopreneurs of all types! Elephant in the room, anyone? Often, the investment piece is a major factor for people. Photographers can greatly vary in pricing, which can be really confusing when you are doing your research. Is this person charging too much? Is this photographer actually not that good because they are charging so little in comparison? Click here for some expanded thoughts on that which can hopefully help you with some clarity on how much makes sense for you to invest in your photos.

Good luck!

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