Can I do professional photos in the winter? Should I wait for good weather to hire a photographer?

Ok – first thing’s first. Most people’s definition of “good weather” is actually quite shitty for beautiful photos (sorry for language). People usually think of cloudless blue skies, bright sun shining high above & all the plants fully bursted into green. Woof. That means harsh lighting, squinting, and green color casts on the skin (my editor is a magician). My *dream* weather for outdoor photos is actually mostly cloudy – one of those days when you say “hopefully it will clear up later” (actually, hopefully it won’t). The point is that although winter is usually the least bustling season for professional photographers in Westchester – well, for tristate area photographers in general – there are many reasons to L O V E winter for photo shoots, and certain shoots for which the season doesn’t even matter anyways.

Family photos at home – the coziest

I could do a whole blog post about why I love doing family photos at home (actually, I think I will!) Low pressure, authentic, special & unique to your family – and so, so cozy. Winter can be a little boring sometimes. We are inside a lot more than we are the rest of the year. Family photos are such a fun winter activity and a low-key time to get your family photos done this year.


Ok, I’m not really into the whole “new year new you” thing, but it does seem that many entrepreneurs take the first few months of the new year to take stock and get organized for the rest of the year. Again – we are inside, we are tired from the holidays, etc. This brings me to: branding. If your business is a little bit quiet at this time of year as people get into the swing of things, it’s a great time to commit to branding photography and giving your online presence an authentic refresh. I love a sensible light and airy indoor space for a branding session. Streetscapes can also be very on-brand for some people, and downtown Beacon is dreamy any time of year!


I mean, I’m doing newborn photography and maternity photography year round – those babies aren’t waiting for the busy season. Newborn photo shoots are almost always indoors anyways. If you have a winter bub, lucky you! Some time to hibernate and capture the beginning before venturing out into the great wide world with the newbie. Snuggles!!!

Braving the cold! Look at this drop dead gorgeous winter ELOPEMENT in NYC!

I am a very low key elopement photographer (well…low key everything photographer) – I do not photograph traditional weddings. Just not my jam. I am all about connection with my clients – and by clients, I actually mean every single person who I am taking photos of. Everyone present is participating and cares about what we are making together. As you can see, these elopement photos of an NYC City Hall wedding in January are dreamy. Other than our luck with the snow, winter means less crowded streets. We had the Borough Hall subway station to ourselves. No one even noticed that we were on the stairs of city hall. MAGIC!

Ready for your winter family photography? Maternity photography? Newborn photography? Elopement photography? Branding photography?

I am a photographer in Westchester, NYC, Fairfield County & the Hudson Valley and I find beauty in every season. Winter is a great time to be cozy, prep your business for the year, snuggle with your bump or babe, and brave the cold for magical winter photos!

Reach out to start planning your photo shoot this winter!

Side note: winter is definitely the time to book your spring family photos, because that’s when the photography frenzy begins!

Be cozy!

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