Newborn photos at home or at a photography studio?

Newborn photography at home

Hands down: at home, for like 100 reasons. That being said, in this post I’ll focus on two big ones.

  1. Newborn photos at home are authentic in a way that studio shoots can never be
  2. Newborn photos at home are EASY for YOU.

I’ve been a professional family photographer, newborn photographer, maternity photographer etc in New York for 10+ years. I started as an NYC photographer. I grew to become a Westchester photographer, Hudson Valley photographer (my home!), Fairfield County photographer (where I grew up!) and Hamptons photographer. I used to photograph in studio settings all the time. But now, a decade later, I have found my style and voice as a photographer. As a result of that clarity, I’ve completely abandoned all of my flashy gear in favor of natural light.

Doing newborn photos at home is easier for you & baby

Since becoming a Mama (my son just turned 2) I understand my clients on a whole new level.  I mean, getting it together to do a photoshoot with a toddler is A LOT. Not to mention adding in more photo shoot participants – newborns, big kids, pets, partner, etc.

I really get it. I KNOW how important and valuable family photos are. It’s the backbone of my work as a photographer. It’s literally my job. I see how my son connects with the dozens of beautiful images on the walls of our home. And STILL, I can be resistant to taking photos. It just feels like so. much. work. It doesn’t help that I’m using a tripod and remote trigger to actually take the photos myself. It would definitely be useful if I had a photographer like me to do our shoots. Super cheesy segway – YOU DO have a photographer like me to do your shoots! You’re in luck 😉 So obnoxious, I know. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re welcome.

I’ve found that the easiest way to do my own family photos is to be in our home. Or to be right outside of it. If weather permits, I like to do a combination of inside and backyard. There’s something really special about including your home in your photos. Your home is the space that holds you and your family. It is like a silent witness to your daily life.

I WILL HELP YOU make newborn photography at home a breeze!

I think one of the draws to studio shoots is the lack of pressure to make your home look perfect. We are not trying to make your home look like an instagram pic. I am not about crafting images that are pure performance and not real. You do not need to have the entire house clean. There will only be a few places where we will shoot. It all depends on the light and set up of your home. I usually request that people make the bed, but you don’t even have to do that.

So, when I get to your house for our newborn photography session, I’ll show myself around. Then I’ll scout out locations and adjust the surrounding area as needed so the space looks like it does in real life. Just without any distracting clutter. I’m not rearranging furniture. I’m just getting the underwear off the floor (it’s fine, seriously). And hiding tangled charger cords. And evening out those curtains a bit.

Also, I’m a mom. I got really good at the colic hold because my son had terrible reflux as an infant. I can take the baby from you. You can go get dressed. And you can sit down. Please, go eat a cookie. I got you.

Doing newborn photos at home are so much more authentic – they honor the space that holds you & your family

Styled photography studios can be soooo beautiful, with their neutrals and the outfits you’re borrowing. But, what does that studio space actually mean to your family? You’re not going to tell your kid “that bed we are sitting on in that photo is where I fed you most of the time.” It’s just a random (but very pretty) bed. Many families have sat on to create photos that are pretty similar from family to family.

It’s just not my jam. The point of photography, for me, is to honor the beauty in your actual real life. I’m talking a partially made bed with soft light coming in the window and a naked baby in your arms. Your toddler jumping on said partly made bed (maybe without pants on?) making it completely unmade.

Newborn photos in the space you actually hold your newborn day after day is the place to be. This is a huge piece of creating authentic, natural newborn family photos.

I’ll make your newborn photography experience easy from start to finish!

My goal is to create beautiful images that are authentically you. Another key goal from booking to getting frames and albums delivered to your door? To make this process as easy as possible for you. Enter: photos at home. Sometimes people freak about their homes being a mess. It’s really not necessary to have your home looking spotless. I’ll find the light, tidy up the space that will be in the frame (or not) and that’s that.

And once you get those dreamy newborn photos – do not have time to deal. To sort through a ton of photos that are just ok and then request extra editing. When we work together, you will get a fully edited, frame worthy gallery.

You don’t have time to figure out how to lay out frames on your walls. You are kind of really busy with the whole being a parent thing. Not to mention all the other things you do and are. I can measure any spaces you might want photos in your home while I am there for our photoshoot. Later, I’ll draw up designs for you (with no obligation to purchase!)

Westchester Newborn Photo Session

How I work as a newborn photographer

I am a very casual photographer. I want things to look real, but still gorgeous. The key is a combination of using natural light and letting my clients JUST BE. I won’t be all weird and do stuff like stick the baby in a bowl of fruit. (If that’s your thing that’s totally cool – I’m def not the girl for you). 

I do not bring equipment with me. I worked with studio light for years, and determined that natural light is my preferred aesthetic, because it looks…well, real. Also there is nothing natural & authentic about having a giant flashing light in your home. 

At our family photoshoot, newborn photoshoot or maternity photoshoot, it will only be me and my camera. Oh – and the little monkey that goes around my lens and farts an awful lot. Who doesn’t laugh at a farting monkey?

How to book a newborn photography session with Laura Simon Photography…

I offer sessions all over Westchester County, Fairfield County, the Hudson Valley & NYC. Hop on over to my website & send me a note to book your winter session.

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