I travel to expand my perspective and see the world in a new light. To expand as a human, a teacher, and an artist. To learn from people I normally would not get the chance to meet. To enjoy simplicities in life, like fresh mozzarella or café sua da. To see the world with new eyes. I don’t think it’s necessary to travel far in order to experience these things; in fact, I know they can be done right where you are. But I’ve had the gift of being able to travel near and far and capture beauty around the world. 

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 One of my dream jobs is to collaborate with a nonprofit that services populations across the globe and document their work. I'm also interested in photographing on a volunteer basis for non-profit causes that are able to cover travel expenses. In the past I've traveled to Vietnam where I taught English and impromptu ballet classes in the dirt and of course took photographs constantly. Of course I also love to travel for my clients to realize their photo shoot visions. Shoot me a note and let's go!


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