Do I need an elopement photographer?

So – is hiring a professional elopement photographer really necessary?

YAY! You’re planning to elope in the breathtaking Hudson Valley – first off, congratulations! Eloping is a beautifully intimate way to say ‘I do.’ But here’s a question many couples grapple with: in the midst of scaling down the big wedding elements, do you really need a professional – and yes, admittedly, pricey – elopement photographer?

This is totally your call, and comes down to how much you value visual memories of your experiences. Are you the kind of person who looks at an image of a loved one and has feelings? (I actually don’t know any human who has said no to this, but I’m sure there are people out there who aren’t into photography). Of course, my answer (as a photographer and a married person) is a resounding yes to elopement photography, and here’s why. Let’s see if any of this resonates with you!

Groom kisses bride with hands on her shoulder during Hudson Valley elopement. She wears a large sapphire ring.
Hudson Valley Elopement Photography

Professional Elopement Photography

I think of all photography as honoring rather than capturing. I could give you the whole “capture the fleeting moment” talk but that’s not totally my vibe. Capturing to me feels like a desperation, like an OMG I HAVE TO GET THESE PERFECT PHOTOS OR ELSE. To me, photography is about witnessing. It is about honoring a moment in your life in a way that is artful and beautiful and totally true, so that when you look at them weeks, months, years, lifetimes later, there are very specific feelings attached that help you to feel connected to the meaning of the experience.

It’s more than just elopement photos

My goal is to create beautiful images that you and yours can look at and feel a sense of connection, love, gratitude, etc. I am not the type of elopement photographer who just hangs out clicking a button at all the major moments. I mean, I will be clicking that shutter a lot, and will capture the “I do” and “first” kiss but it’s so much more than pointing and shooting. I am there to be with you. Totally, 100% with you as a witness to your elopement. I do not take my job as an elopement photographer lightly.

I know it is a sacred opportunity to be part of monumental events by bearing witness in this way. This is how I feel about family photography, newborn photography and maternity photography too. There is a sense of honor to being a photographer in intimate situations like an elopement, and I respect the crap out of that. I will get to know you, blend seamlessly into your day, give you space, help you to feel comfortable, and create images that are totally authentic to your experience without you doing anything other than just being present with your love.

Man and woman stand on mountain in Hudson Valley eloping
Hudson Valley Elopement Photographer

The Hudson Valley is majestically beautiful – it’s an incredible opportunity for stunning elopement photography

Let’s talk about location. The Hudson Valley isn’t just any backdrop – its majestic mountains, serene rivers, and lush forests are the stuff of fairytales. I am a local, and I am enamored with the Hudson Valley. A seasoned professional photographer (hi) who knows the area can scout the perfect spots, understand the lighting, and capture the essence of the surroundings, adding an extraordinary layer to your elopement photography. When is the next time you’ll be in a pretty outfit, with your love, on top of a mountain? Or in a forest? Or by the Hudson river? I mean – how can we not take elopement photos of that! (Yes, I know where you can actually do that, and no we do not have to hike up a mountain to be on top of a mountain).

Man and woman sit on the ground in front of a chicken coop posing for a photo during their elopement in the Hudson Valley
Hudson Valley Elopement Photographer

Honoring the elopement with elopement photography

When the day is done, and the years start to roll by, what remains of your elopement day? The marriage, and the photographs. Investing in a high-quality elopement photographer ensures that these memories are preserved in the best way possible. Think of it as an heirloom, a visual legacy of your love story that you’ll look back on for decades.

It’s not a big wedding, but it’s still a big marriage.

Photos are a wonderful way to honor this step in the journey together. Having a low-key wedding means fewer expenses. Photography will probably be the biggest investment of your elopement, and the one that sticks with you loooooong after the moment. And, as someone who had a wedding with 116 people, let me tell you something – you will still be spending WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY less than if you were to have a “traditional” wedding. The investment for elopement photography is nominal compared to what you would spend on a larger event – like, maybe it would cover the flowers. See what I mean?

Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean your day is any less significant than a “traditional” wedding. This is your day, in a format that’s true to you, and it deserves the highest level of attention and artistry.

Man and woman stroll arm in arm on country road during Hudson Valley wedding
Hudson Valley Elopement Photographer

Elopement photography in the Hudson Valley is magical.

Eloping in the Hudson Valley is dreamy, and your elopement photography should capture that magic. Yes, hiring a professional photographer for your elopement is an investment, but it’s one that you reap the benefits of every time you glance at a photo on the wall or thumb through the album of that intimate, once in a lifetime (hopefully, lol, but let’s keep this light) moment.

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Convinced you want to hire a professional elopement photographer & need to understand next steps to make professional elopement photography happen for your Hudson Valley elopement? Click here to reach out to me and I’ll be your guide through the process.

No matter what you decide – Salute! Mazel tov! Enjoy this beautiful place.

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