Best Fairfield County Photographers

Spoiler: I actually really don’t know. Sorry! I know you were looking for a quick and easy answer here. And no, I’m not going to be obnoxious and say I AM THE BEST because I have no idea whether or not I am the best Fairfield County photographer FOR YOU.

Framed photos hung on the wall from a family photography photo shoot in Greenwich, CT
Greenwich Family Photographer

The best Fairfield County Photographer FOR YOU

The best Fairfield County photographer for you is the photographer who you jive with, whose work you look at and think “oh, this is what I want, this makes me feel things.” This applies to all sorts of photography – family photography, newborn photography, maternity photography, branding photography, elopement photography, etc etc.

Honestly, I think this applies to any situation where you are hiring another human being to work with you on a personal level.

When it comes to photography, there is something very personal – even intimate – about being captured through a camera. You are letting the photographer into your personal life experience, trusting them to guide your body, hold space for you (and all the family feelings which probably will include some crankiness) and craft a collection of images that feel authentically you. You should not make a decision solely on the photographer’s price or availability. Look at the work. Read their about page. Notice how they come off in their emails. Schedule a phone call with them.

Fairfield County Family Photography Portfolio

If you are looking at a Fairfield County photographer’s website and thinking “well, I kind of like these but I want my photos to be a little bit more like this” – meaning, NOT the way they look on that person’s website – DO NOT HIRE THEM! You have different taste. You can not changer the way a photog sees & creates. Find someone whose work you love, talk to them and feel them out, and go from there. If you’re creating a Pinterest board because the photographer’s portfolio isn’t really what you want, then you 100% have not found the best Fairfield County family photographer FOR YOU.

How much does a Fairfield County photographer cost?

Side note: when you find that perfect person, you may or may not be surprised at what they charge. This is always a super fun topic for solopreneurs of all types! Elephant in the room, anyone? Check out this post for more thoughts on that. The short of it: photography is an investment. I have had clients book less expensive shoots multiple times only to be unhappy and then make the investment in my work. Why not just skip the wasted money and bummed out feelings? If photography is really important to you, find a true professional. Find work you love. And expect to pay a fair (living wage) amount in exchange for a meaningful, personal experience.

I need a Westchester family photographer!

No problem! Click here for a guide to Westchester photographers.

I offer sessions in Westchester, the Hudson Valley, Fairfield County, NYC & The Hamptons. There are many photographers to choose from in all of these places (well, not really in the Hamptons honestly). So – do your research, ask questions, and find your best photographer!

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